grand canyon south rim:

3 days in the canyon

John Muir Trail:

220 miles from Yosemite to Mt. Whitney

Torres del Paine W Trek:

50 miles in Chilean Patagonia

High Sierra Trail:

73 mile trek from Sequoia to Mt. Whitney


Thanks for visiting! I started this website to write about my backpacking and hiking trips. When I was planning for these trips I found that there wasn't a ton of useful information out there, and it definitely wasn't all in one place. I made this website to share all of the information I've come across on each of these trips, including the gear that's worked well for me. Each trip has a map and photo gallery, and you can find a summary on this home page below. Please browse around and comment or contact me with any questions!

I am currently working on populating content but my first priority was releasing the website live with JMT information.

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Grand Canyon, Arizona

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